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WasteCap DIY: Reclaimed Wood Tray

Furniture and decor made from reclaimed wood can create a story in your living room. That's why WasteCap's next DIY project is a reclaimed wood serving tray. Use this accent piece for serving hors-d'oeuvres at your holiday party or as a decor piece to tie a room together, either way, you'll have a story to tell when asked where the wood came from. 

Want to add some life to the indoors during the winter months? Our succulents (pictured above) are currently on sale for $12. Pair one with a reclaimed serving tray for a sustainable gift idea this holiday season. 

You'll need the following materials and tools to complete the project:



- 1¼” Screws (12)
- 7ft of 1"x4" Board
- 2 Cabinet Handles with Screws





- Hand Saw/Circular Saw
- Drill
- Screwdriver
- Drill Bit
- Sand Paper


The Step by Step:

  1. First, cut three boards 20” long for the base of the tray. Then, cut two boards 10.5” long for the edge of the tray.
  2. Next, sand all surfaces of the boards.
  3. Now, line the three baseboards side by side and set the two edge boards across them on either edge. Using six screws on each edge, drill and screw the edge boards down (if you want to hide the screws, turn the entire project over and screw it together from the underside).
  4. After it has been assembled, center the handles on top of the edge boards.  Drill and screw them into place.
  5. Finally, sand any sharp edges and your tray is finished!












Printable Directions:

Click here for printable directions so you can create your reclaimed wood tray just in time for the holiday season.

Rachael will continue to join us throughout the year for more DIY projects. Follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Pinterest to stay up-to-date with the latest DIYs.










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