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United Milwaukee Scrap - Member Spotlight

WasteCap Resource Solutions is happy to highlight our newest member, United Milwaukee Scrap! United Milwaukee Scrap is a 4th generation company that processes, purchases and sells metal scrap that is generated throughout the Midwest.

Marty Oxman, WasteCap Board Member and Industrial Trader at UMS, explains, “United Milwaukee Scrap prides ourselves on creating partnerships with our customers based on integrity, experience and superior customer service.”

They are also proud to boast new technologies such as a new ERP system, customer portal, camera monitoring and pre/post-dispatch correspondence to keep customers informed of their service. And, they have gone two calendar years without a lost time injury in the 5th most dangerous industry in the U.S.

With over 20+ years of industry experience, UMS now employs over 180 employees at four locations throughout the Midwest. As prices on market traded commodities change daily, they work with their customers and organizations to create win-win partnerships while providing materials and resources directly to the community.

UMS advice for 2019? Marty tells us, “The right scrap partner can not only increase back-end revenue but locate various operational opportunities that can make a process more efficient saving time and labor costs. A little work on the front end, such as separating materials, removing screws and taking off contaminants, will easily pay for itself."


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