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Sadoff Iron & Metal Company - Member Spotlight

WasteCap Resource Solutions is proud to highlight our member, Sadoff Iron & Metal Company! Since 1947, Sadoff has been recycling scrap metal. In 2016, Sadoff started an e-cycling and data destruction business. Sadoff's vision is to be the preferred choice in metal recycling. To accomplish this, Sadoff incorporates customer focus, operational excellence, finds innovative solutions, and manages risk.

Jason Lasky, Executive Vice President (3rd generation partner), explains "We do this through investment in our people, teamwork, and adhering to the standards of excellence." These internationally recognized operational standards of excellence include:

  • ISO 9001– Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management
  • OSHA 18001 – Health and Safety
  • R2 – Responsible Recycling

Jason explains, "A risk of a data breach is very real and many companies have and continue to realize the negative impacts of these events. The effective and secure end-of-life management of technology is more critical than ever and many companies around the country simply don’t know what to do with their outdated equipment." Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction utilizes its 71+ years of recycling expertise and its 22+ years of IT expertise to provide custom programs that often exceed the needs of its clients by offering them the protection needed in the management of their data and equipment."

For metals recycling, Sadoff serves regional manufacturers that produce metal scrap as a byproduct. Consumers of Sadoff's collected metal scrap are foundries and steel mills that require specific chemistry from its raw materials to manufacture new products. For electronics recycling & data destruction, Sadoff's ideal customers are service-based companies, such as financial institutions, healthcare facilities, insurance companies, government contractors, and other companies that value data security. 

According to Lasky, "Sadoff's biggest challenge is spreading the word about our expanded services in the electronics recycling realm. People know us as a scrap metal recycling company, and we are much more than that in the solutions that we offer our clients."

For more information about Sadoff's services, please check out the following links: 

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