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$68,000 Saved and 1,600 Tons Diverted - Project Spotlight

In 2018, WasteCap Resource Solutions consulted on the demolition of two masonry-and-steel light industrial buildings located at 2048 and 2100 Winnebago St., in Madison. The two buildings combined - one one story and the other two stories - totaled 35,000 square feet. 

WasteCap and other local nonprofits including Sector 67, which specializes in tech and engineering, worked to salvage reusable material and equipment from the buildings during the demolition. Much of the remaining material was recycled. In total, 1,600 tons, or 75.26% of demolition waste was diverted from the landfill, saving the owner, Accipiter Properties, $68,000.

Accipiter brought WasteCap in during the early planning stages of the demolition project, which allowed us to identify the possibilities for how to manage the waste. Often times, buildings that may appear old and plan can in fact hold many items that can either be recycled, or can go on to be reused. Throughout the project, Accipiter did a great job of keeping recycling and salvage front-of-mind, even as they went through a variety of subcontractor changes. Communication is always key.

Key Facts 

  • $68,000 saved vs. commingled waste recycling
  • 75.26% demolition waste (1,600 tons) diverted from the landfill
  • 10 tons of material donated to nonprofits
  • Madison Prairie Landfill life extended by 7 days
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 550 metric tons 
  • CO2 equivalent = 115 cars annual emissions
  • Energy savings of 7700 Mbtus = 70 homes annual energy use

The bottom line is - landfill diversion saves money. But there are many positive ripple effects. Landfill diversion benefits the community by returning material to the manufacturing stream and extending landfill life. It benefits the environment through avoided greenhouse gasses, reduced energy demand, and increased habitat preservation.

If you have a planned demolition project and want to determine how much money you can save, contact WasteCap today.

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