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WasteCap hosts, attends and sponsors a variety of events throughout the year. Many events focus on education and fostering discussions surrounding topics of waste and impact reduction while others serve as fundraising opportunities and an opportunity to thank WasteCap's supporters and members.

WasteCap additionally participates in a number of events that engage the public. This includes community-focused events such as Gallery Night, Doors Open and Re_Purposeful.

Upcoming Events

Stay up to date with events hosted and attended by WasteCap. Whether it's an annually occurring or one-time occasion, all activities happening in the coming months are posted here.

Past Events

While WasteCap annually hosts the Food Waste Forum and Emerald Evening, the team participates in, hosts and sponsors a variety of smaller events throughout the year.

Emerald Evening

WasteCap’s largest fundraising and membership appreciation gathers attendees to celebrate accomplishments and learn where the organization is headed in the coming year. Guests enjoy food and drink while networking and participating in a silent auction, wine pull and restaurant raffle.

Food Waste Forum

WasteCap’s annual Food Waste Forum is an educational event featuring local panelists making significant impacts within the industry. The event is open to the public and focuses on demonstrating solutions that work at every level.

Food Waste Policy & Practice Conference

Tuesday, March 19th 2019

The City of Madison and WasteCap have joined forces to host the upcoming Food Waste Policy & Practice: Challenging the Norm conference. This event brings together businesses, government officials, and nonprofit organizations to take action on food waste. Interested in attending? Visit the registration page below!

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