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Have you considered deconstruction instead of conventional demolition? If you choose to deconstruct your property, you can experience the economic, social and environmental benefits firsthand. WasteCap experts will provide deconstruction project management services to maximize the amount of materials that are reused, salvaged and recycled.

Deconstruction projects offer a variety of benefits including:

Tax Deduction

As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, WasteCap will provide you with a donation receipt for all accepted materials. This donation receipt will assist in offsetting your project’s costs.

Save Time and Money

WasteCap will coordinate deconstruction efforts to alleviate your responsibilities by providing expert project management services. By diverting more material away from the landfill, your project will save on unnecessary landfill tipping fees.  

Positive Social and Environmental Impact

When you choose to deconstruct a property rather than demolish it, you not only divert materials from the landfill, but also create a carbon offset. WasteCap ensures that materials will be reused and incorporated into new projects. Deconstruction provides a variety of job opportunities from on-site labor and retail as materials go back into the local reuse economy.

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The ReUse People of America

The ReUse People of America (TRP) is a nationwide non-profit dedicated to deconstruction, consulting, training and material resale. Since 1993, architects, contractors and building owners have relied on TRP to keep reusable and recyclable building materials from landfills. As a partner, WasteCap utilizes TRP’s ReUse Solution to deliver the maximum tax-deduction benefits.