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Good signage is one of the keys to success when it comes to running and managing an effective recycling program. WasteCap has developed easy, heavy-duty, reusable signs to help you achieve success in your recycling management efforts. These signs have already proven their usefulness on a number of WasteCap projects. WasteCap offers three styles of signs that are available below.


Magnetic Signs:

Available sizes:

  • 9" x 11.5" – (non-member price) $15.00/sign
  • 9" x 11.5" – (member price) $10.00/sign
  • 32” x 24” – (non-member price) $80.00/sign
  • 32” x 24” – (member price) $75.00/sign
Keep our waste container inventory flexible and highly-visible!

Made of heavy-duty magnetic vinyl with permanent, non-fading inks, these durable, reusable signs allow builders, waste haulers and site managers to clearly identify waste containers without resorting to non-removable stickers or paint. They are very effective for designating which materials belong in roll-offs, ideal for use on smaller, portable containers on a job site. When it comes to self-tipping containers, there is no comparable substitute for these signs!

Dumpster Signs:


        Available sizes:


  • 32" x 24" – (non-member price) $150.00/sign
  • 32" x 24" – (member price) $100.00/sign
These signs are now made of 100% recycled plastic from old printers and printer cartridges. Attachable brackets and hardware included and allow the sign to hang on the dumpsters. Materials seen on signs include cardboard, concrete, drywall, metal, trash, vinyl, wood, C&D commingled with and without trash.

Job Site Signs:


Available sizes:

  • 48” x 48” – (non-member price) $550.00/ sign
  • 48” x 48” – (member price) $460.00/ sign

These signs are now made of 100% recycled plastic from old printers and printer cartridges. Vinyl letters and company logos are tailored to each job sign. Interchangeable black number blocks slide into a clear track that is mounted towards the bottom of the sign.


Shipping costs are extra for delivery outside of Milwaukee, WI. For more information or to order, contact Justin Dall'Osto, LEED AP BD+C at 414-961-1100 or at

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