C&D Waste Management


Construction & Demolition Waste Management Services


WasteCap Resource Solutions provides planning, technical and educational assistance, as well as monitors, measures, documents and publicizes results of waste management efforts during construction and demolition projects. Specifically, WasteCap can: 

  • Provide draft construction or demolition waste reuse and recycling specifications 
  • Write and review bids for trash and recycling collection 
  • Develop a construction or demolition waste management plan (required for LEED) 
  • Help obtain exemptions from the WI DNR for recycling of wood, drywall, etc. 
  • Provide technical assistance, market information, and research support 
  • Instruct and educate contractor employees and subcontractors about their role in the program 
  • Conduct waste audits and monitor program including interviewing job site crews, checking for mis-sorted materials in recycling and trash containers and correcting problems 
  • Ensure proper placement, timing, and labeling of trash and recycling dumpsters 
  • Document construction waste management results (required for LEED). Document and calculate the types and quantities by weight and volume of trash and recyclables as well as the financial impact of the program's implementation 
  • Share results. Share the story and promote results internally to employees and externally 
  • Complete a final construction waste management evaluation and report

For more information or to request a proposal, please contact WasteCap's Project Manager, Justin Dall'Osto, LEED AP BD+C @ 1.414.961.1100 or at jdallosto@wastecap.org.




WasteCap Resource Solutions' new system, WasteCapTRACE, is a simple, powerful and effective online documentation program that tracks ongoing construction and demolition debris recycling and documents the results.


WasteCapTRACE streamlines the entire recycling tracking and documentation process. It saves valuable time and resources on every project by reducing time spent calling haulers, tracking numbers and calculating results.

With WasteCapTRACE, project numbers are easy to find, track or change. It also gathers information required by governmental entities and certification programs (including LEED and Green Guidelines for Healthcare) and provides an easy way for contractors to comply with documentation requirements and larger entities to aggregate results.


For more information about getting WasteCapTRACE for your next project, call WasteCap at (414) 961-1100 or email wastecap@wastecap.org

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Biz Times' Innovations columnist Alysha Schertz covers WasteCapTRACE in the February 5-18 issue: "New online tool helps contractors reduce project waste."

Benefits and Results of WasteCap's Waste Management Services

To find out more about WasteCap's services and results, email Joe Liebau at jliebau@wastecap.org.

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