WasteCapTRACE is an online service that streamlines the recycling tracking and documentation process for your construction or demolition projects. Save valuable time and resources on every project by reducing the number of hours spent calling haulers, tracking numbers and calculating results. With WasteCapTRACE, your project numbers are easy to find, track or change. WasteCapTRACE offers what you need to meet construction waste management requirements for LEED and construction waste management specifications. And best of all, everything is in one place.

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Construction Waste Management Plan WasteCapTRACE generates a construction waste management plan for every project. It allows you to estimate how much waste you can expect on your project and how much you will recycle.
Data Entry Easily enter data for projects and immediately see results to date to track project recycling progress. Keep track of weight, volume, materials and markets. You have constant access to all the data and forms you will need for your specifications requirements.
Multiple Projects Track several projects at once and combine numbers across several projects to get your cumulative numbers. Monitor your performance on all projects easily with our dashboard feature.
Hauler Access Add a hauler to your list to give them program access for only their hauls. They log on to your project and enter their numbers, saving time and duplication of work.
Contact Lists Keep track of your haulers, material markets, and anyone else on your project.
Report Generation Generate charts, graphs and reports at any point in the project. Reports can be exported to Microsoft Office for printing or distribution. Data can be retrieved online by outside parties such as government units that create a profile on WasteCapTRACE.
Less than 2,500 square foot project  $50 (minimum fee) 
2,500 to 25,000 square foot project  $.02 per square foot 
Greater than 25,000 square foot project WasteCap Members: $500 (maximum fee), Non-Members: $.02 per square foot, no maximum fee


Prices are based on square footage per one project. If you are considering using WasteCapTRACE on multiple projects, please contact WasteCap for additional pricing options. WasteCap members of the Bronze level or higher are eligible for member pricing. See www.wastecap.org/membership for more information about becoming a member or call Joe at (414) 961-1100.

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