"We have been active members of WasteCap for 8 years. We were excited to utilize the new WasteCapTRACE tracking tool for monitoring construction waste diversion, but could not justify the upfront cost after contract signing. Wastecap offered a discounted version during Earth Day 2010 that we took advantage of. Once we engaged our waste hauler with the tool, our waste tracking coordination time has significantly reduced. We have invited our client to go online with WasteCapTRACE and see the progress the project has made. The tool provides a high level summary of construction waste goal setting and goal status. We are currently tracking at 84% construction waste diversion. We hope to introduce the tool to all of our construction projects going forward."

- Beth Churchill
Senior Consultant, Sustainability; Cogdell Spencer ERDMAN


"It was great working with the staff from WasteCap.  I learned a lot of things about recycling and transforming waste into resources that I only wish we would of had in place many years ago. But it is never to late to start something so great. The great thing about this project is that we actually beat all of our recycling goals on every phase of the project.

Rest assured I did not do this alone. It also took the hard work and dedication that Jenna Kunde and John Lottes put in to help us understand what it takes to do this and make it work.  Also, all of the hard working trades people on the site that did their part. With a little education and training up front when they came to our site.  We had them wanting to pitch in and do their part to help make this happen.

Thanks again for the opportunity to work with your team. I look forward to many more years and many more jobs that we can make this happen."

- Von VanDreel
Project Superintendent, Hunzinger Construction Company


"Jenna and Ralph, yesterday was very informative.  Both of you present very well together, you kept things moving and interesting.  I personally got a lot out of the session.  I'm looking forward to being in an industry that has a positive impact on the environment.” 

- Matthew Mitchell
Symmetry Recycling, LLC

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