Current Projects

These construction, demolition or renovation projects hired WasteCap to help transform waste into resources.  WasteCap is helping these projects set up, establish, implement, and document successful reduction, reuse and recycling programs – saving these projects money and natural resources.

Alliant Energy – Edgewater SCR

Location: Sheboygan, WI
Contractor: Graycor Construstion & Alliant Energy


All Construction Waste

Management Services


Wisconsin DFD – State  Project Recycling

Location: Wisoconsin
Contractor: Various


Statewide Construction Recycling WasteCap TRACE tracking and

*optional* C&D Waste Management Services 


MMSD – KK House  Deconstruction

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Contractor: Rivet, LLC


  Deconstruction Waste

Management Services

Veridian Homes


Location: Madison, WI
Contractor: Veridan Homes



WasteCap TRACE tracking on

New Single Family Homes

The North End -Two

The Mandel Group


Location: Milwaukee, WI

Contractor: Ray Hintz


WasteCap TRACE setup, use

and Monthly Reports

Passive House


Location: Shorewood, WI

Contractor: Edge Grain LLC


All Construction Waste

Management Services


*LEED Project



To find out how your project can benefit from these services and save money, reduce waste and transform waste into resources, contact WasteCap at (414) 961-1100 or

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