Wisconsin leads the nation in construction and demolition waste management training

September 27, 2006

Milwaukee, WI – WasteCap Wisconsin, a statewide nonprofit organization, is receiving national interest for its innovative training programs on how to reduce construction and demolition waste.

WasteCap Wisconsin offered the state’s first public training in construction and demolition waste management and recycling on May 2, where 35 trained professionals from Wisconsin and Illinois earned three-year WasteCap Accreditation as Professionals in Construction and Demolition Waste Management and Recycling.

Ed Faherty of Faherty, Inc. attended the training and recommends others attend to learn how to “economically and efficiently help reduce the amount of construction and demolition waste that goes into our landfills.”

The second training session was held on Sept. 26. Twenty-two trainees from around the country attended and received accreditation, including Adrian and Harrietta Neely, owners of Triad C & D Recycling in Austin, TX. Harrietta Neely said they wanted to attend so that they can better serve their growing customer base.

“The more we learn, the better,” said Harrietta Neely.

Attendees commented that the training was “very informative and complete” and that it “clearly outlines the importance of recycling.” One trainee said, “I now know how to plan, implement, and document construction waste management plans on site.”

An increasing number of owners are requiring construction waste recycling as a part of sustainable building. Contractors who know how to recycle are at a market advantage because waste reduction, reuse, and recycling will allow them to use projects funds for building instead of waste disposal. They also contribute to environmental causes such as mandates for “green” building, green programs, and the interest in LEED certified projects.

WasteCap’s training teaches attendees various skills, including how to save money on waste disposal costs by recycling on construction and demolition projects, how to estimate the amount of project waste to be generated on a site, how to create a construction or demolition waste management plan, and how to educate crews for best compliance and efficiency.

“We equip trainees with the skills they need to make construction and demolition waste management plans easy, cost-effective, and as successful as possible,” said Jenna Kunde, WasteCap Wisconsin’s director of strategic development and training instructor.

WasteCap Wisconsin has successfully implemented waste management plans on more than $2 billion worth of construction and demolition projects throughout the state, saving businesses over $1 million in avoided disposal costs through recycling and reuse. WasteCap’s projects have diverted over 84 million pounds of waste from landfills through effective construction and demolition waste management plans.

WasteCap received a grant from the U.S. EPA in 2004 to develop a comprehensive training program and toolkit. As a pilot project in 2005, the training program was tested at three sponsor sites: J.H. Findorff & Sons, Oscar J. Boldt Construction and The Jansen Group. In 2006, the U.S. EPA and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources began providing additional funding to test to impact of the training and establish online documentation of recycling results.

For more information about WasteCap Wisconsin and its training sessions, visit www.wastecapwi.org/training or contact WasteCap Wisconsin at 414-961-1100.


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