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Thank you to all of you who were able to attend and congratulations again to our award winners!


Thursday, November 13th from 5:00pm to 8:30pm



We are excited to announce 
WasteCap's 2014 award winners!

Sustainable Trailblazer of the Year

The Boldt Company

Distinguished Commitment to Sustainable Building

Veridian Homes

Distinguished Commitment to Organics Diversion

FCPC Renewable Generations, LLC.

Project of the year - Northwest Quadrant Children’s Center Relocation

Platt Construction

The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

State of Wisconsin Department of Administration - Division of Facilities Development


Take a look at the videos below to see all the details about the event!


Overview of the Transformation Awards Reception:


Lakefront Brewery beer and Williams Homestead Creamery & Bon Bree cheese pairings:


The Wisconsin Green Building Alliance and WasteCap Resource Solutions have come together to present the Transformation Awards Reception!


 Transformation is a premier awards reception that will recognize the dedicated individuals, inspirational groups, and outstanding businesses who are leading the way to a more sustainable built environment within our state.


Enjoy a locavore food and beer tasting featuring local farmers dedicated to sustainable agriculture, all while networking your way through the who’s who of Wisconsin’s sustainability movement.





Check out the delicious, award-winning produce and products from local farmers and vendors you can sample during the reception. Not only do they produce great food, but they do it sustainably.



  • Mozzarella and Mascarpone – Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics Cheese 
  • LaBelle fenugreek and Hickory Smoked Gouda – Koepke Family Farms and  LaBelle Cheese 
  • Traditional and Chive Bon Bree – Williams Homestead Creamery and Bon Bree Cheese 


Ice Cream 


  • Purple Door Ice Cream – Chocolate Whiskey Ice Cream 




  • Organic Tortillas and Grass Fed Beef – Gitto Farm n Kitchen 
  • Hartland Organic Family Farm – Pea Shoot Micro Greens 




  • Lakefront Brewery: Eastside Dark, Riverwest Stein, Organic White, Organic ESB, New Grist Gluten Free, Holiday Spice, Pumpkin (if available), Oktoberfest (if available) 




  • Evolution Marketing – a variety of herbs from the company garden, such as tarragon, oregano, and chives 




  • Anodyne Coffee – featuring some of their current blends of delicious coffee
Featured Farmers

We'll be featuring delicious, award-winning produce from local farmers during the reception in all our appetizers prepared by Zilli Hospitality Group.
The farmers will also be on-hand providing samples.
Check out the fantastic sustainability efforts of our farmers!


Gitto Farm n Kitchen

Featured food at the reception: Organic Tortilla's and Grass Fed Beef

Our 3-business enterprise is exclusively family-run: managed by Greg (Dad) and Carol (Mom), with support teams made up of all the other family members, as demands dictate……oldest son Tom (plus his wife Shannon and their son Matthew); 2nd son Steve (plus his wife Aliisa, their daughter Lily and son Abraham); Tony, Joe, Laura, Katie, Tim, Rachel, Jim, and Ben. We started farming as a way to be with our children, working side-by- side, as they grew up. Our children are home-schooled, and are learning that it takes a lot of work to produce food, especially good food, free from chemicals, and leaving the land in a better condition than it started out. We consider our most important crop to be our children, but we also 1)grow a variety of certified-organic vegetables, 2) raise and milk organic Jersey cows, 3) feed and offer steers as “whole-cow”, grass-fed hamburger, and 4)make (all-organic-ingredient) flour tortillas. Each of these businesses is further explained on its own page.

As we raise up and influence some of the next generation, you can be assured that quality is of utmost importance to us. We grew organically, just for our family, before growing for marketability as a business. Then it seemed that the easiest way for the most people to know our standards, was to get certified-organic. We’re stopping short of actually certifying our kitchen processes though, unless it becomes apparent that we’d need to do that. Using all certified-organic ingredients seems to satisfy our current customers.

We regularly attend conferences, workshops, etc. that can help us be more knowledgeable and efficient with our resources. We are members of WI Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Growers Assoc. and Something Special from Wisconsin. Several of us also have Food Safety Manager credentials. Got questions? We’re happy to share what we know, or just get to know you!



Koepke Family Farms and LaBelle Cheese

Featured cheese at the reception: LaBelle fenugreek Gouda

With more than 135 of dairy farming heritage in Southeastern Wisconsin, the Koepke family introduces LaBelle, their farmhouse cheese crafted only with the premium milk from their Holstein dairy cows. LaBelle is made in small batches under the careful supervision of head cheesemaker Ron Henningfeld at Clock Shadow Creamery, Wisconsin’s first urban cheese factory in downtown Milwaukee which is only 40 miles away from the Koepke farm in rural Oconomowoc. Bob Wills, a Master Cheesemaker and owner of Clock Shadow Creamery, created this original Gouda-style recipe that transforms the fresh, wholesome milk from the award-winning Koepke herd into beautiful, semi-soft aged wheels of LaBelle. The 11 pound wheels are aged on the farm, becoming smooth, creamy and buttery after six months, then advancing to rich, earthy and tangy notes as the cheese matures past one year.

World Dairy Expo presented the family with the 2011 Dairymen of the Year award for excellence in dairy cattle husbandry. The Koepkes also received the distinguished Leopold Conservation Award in 2011 for their extraordinary voluntary land conservation efforts to protect and build healthy soils. It is only fitting that LaBelle is made in the Clock Shadow Building where its innovative, green design was honored by the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance with the 2013 Sustainability Energy Efficiency Award. From start to finish, LaBelle cheese is steeped in local stewardship with the highest regard for tradition, conservation, and continual innovation. Taste the LaBelle goodness in four flavors: original plain, fenugreek seed, green olives, and hickory smoked.




Williams Homestead Creamery and Bon Bree Cheese

Featured cheese at the reception: Traditional and Chive Bon Bree

The Williams Homestead Creamery proudly re-introduces the Bon Bree Cheese. This cheese was first made in Mapleton, WI many years ago and the cheese became very popular for its firm texture and creamy taste.

Lloyd Williams craved Bon-Bree Brick Cheese so much he spent three years developing cultures, refining recipes and crafting a network of local buyers to help bring the cheese back after almost 30 years. “We got ahold of the old cheesemaker and redeveloped mother cultures for our cheese,” Lloyd said. “After three years we have an identical product – except ours is all natural, so we do not dye it yellow like the early cheese was. People don’t miss that.”

100% Pure Natural Cheese

Bon Bree is a pure natural cheese with no preservatives, no food coloring, no artificial flavoring and is rBGH free. It is a 100% all natural milk cheese with only cheese cultures and salt as ingredients. Our cheese has only 3% Sodium, for those watching their salt intake.

And making quality cheese isn'tt easy. People remember our cheese from 30 years ago. When talking about the taste, they tell us that "nothing is comparable.” The cheese is made up of Lloyd’s pasture-fed cow’s milk, cultures and salt, which is added to the outside of the brick and subsequently absorbed in. It is made by hand, and even a small temperature fluctuation can change the taste of the cheese.






Thank you to all of our sponsors, restaurants, donors and attendees that made The Emerald Evening such a great event this year!

We look forward to you all being involved again next year!


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Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the Sadoff Lunch and Tour, it was awesome!





Thank you to everyone who was able to

make it to one of our Outpost' Tours!


If you were unable to make it, make sure to stop in and

shop while being able to see the stores sustainable



  • Rain gardens to manage storm water onsite
  • Recycling center
  • Day lighting windows and skylights
  • Roof built for future solar panels 
  • Edible and native landscaping that include fruit and nut trees
  • Electric charging station
  • Reclaimed décor including lannon stone from the building on site on exterior and interior of building
  • RO waste water reclaimed to flush public toilets


7590 W Mequon Road

Mequon, WI 53092



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